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Owner – Spray Tan Queen Studio

I’ve been spray tanning since 2007. I started out offering spray tans as part of my store called Bombshells in Tucson Arizona. After 3 years I decided to focus on spray tanning only and moved my spray tanning business in to a local gym. In 2013 I moved my business to Scottsdale AZ to pursue a more elite market.

I love being a spray tan artist! Why? Here’s a little back story: I got my very first spray tan after I had a life threatening pulmonary embolism. The medication that was necessary to save my life also left me with tiny burst capillaries that left my skin looking red and uneven. When my daughter suggested a spray tan to help me feel better I was hesitant. I gave in and tried it and to my surprise I loved it… and it made me feel better & more self confident! I wanted to do the same for others! That’s what made me decide to learn how.

I’m really honored to be able to share my industry experience and teach others how to spray tan. Whether you plan to work for a salon or be independent, it’s a really great career for those who love to help people feel better about themselves. I love meeting other spray tanners who share the same passion for the industry and also to help them be as successful as possible! I’ve been using Norvell solutions for over 10 years and I’m always more than happy to answer any questions about it.

As a Norvell Academy trainee you can expect a thorough training along with my willingness to help guide you through the process without it being overwhelming. I’m also available to answer any questions post-training should any arise. I love being a mentor and your success is a testament to how well I’ve done my job.

I’ve been a spray tan artist for over 10 years. I’ve tanned for many pageants including Mrs America, Mrs International, Mrs Universal and more! I’m also an International commercial stock model and actress. My pictures are sold on over 16 stock photo sites in 150 countries around the world. I was a celebrity judge on TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras and also appeared on Bravo’s one season reality show Game of Crowns. I’m a mom to 3 grown children and Glam-ma to 5 wonderful grandchildren. I work and reside in Scottsdale Arizona.

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Spray Tan Queen Studio
13802 N Scottsdale Road, Suite 120
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Spray Tan Queen Studio exclusively offers custom air brush tans individually catered to each client. I specialize in contouring, definition and color correction. I’m best known for tanning for local, state, national and international pageants. My in-studio clients include Scottsdale and Paradise Valley residents who have a deep appreciation for my attention to detail.

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