Drew Spurgers

Nu Brand Ambassador

Owner – SHADE Sunless Spa

I’ve been spray tanning for about 5 years. When I bought my first salon, I said I’d never get into sunless.

That changed very quickly, fortunately we met Brandon and Norvell and dove straight in.

I love spray tanning because it allows for so much more connection with the customer than other methods.

We’ve focused strongly on providing a strong, consistent experience – regardless of who the technician is – and built a loyal following, who expect great results every time.


5 Years

Brand Ambassador Since May 2016


SHADE Sunless Spa
5507 Ranch Drive #4
Little Rock, AR 725223

SHADE Sunless Spa is Arkansas’s first sunless-only salon, offering sunless tanning by booth and custom handheld spray tan, as well as teeth whitening, sugaring, and other spa services.


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