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Even after being voted #1 Training Program for two consecutive years, Norvell University is not resting on its laurels. Instead, Norvell is bringing its enthusiasm for success and innovation to its educational program via new curriculum, new ways to learn, new certifications, new continuing education credits, new technology, and new instructors. In short, new equals NU.

NU is a groundbreaking, award winning, educational program thoughtfully created specifically for those wanting to grow in the flourishing sunless tanning industry. Its coursework focuses on facts, not fluff, while offering a myriad of classes covering a vast array of subjects. Norvell University goes beyond the basics to offer certifications for those who believe knowledge is power and who want to shine brighter than their competition.

The foundation from which all Norvell University classes are built is indisputable science, masterful art and proven business techniques. NU is designed via categories we call The Four Pillars.

  • Product – In order to be a Spray Technician that exudes confidence, one must not only know the best products to use in the Salon and at home – but one must understand the science behind sunless tanning. By attending a certification class that covers these topics, students will be equipped to eliminate concerns from clients who don’t know what to expect, and feel prepared to problem-solve any situation with confidence.
  • Performance – A technician is a person skilled in a technique of art. At Norvell University, we develop skilled Spray Technicians that are second to none. Whether a novice who is using a spray gun for the first time, or a seasoned beauty insider better suited for our Master Certification – we have hands-on and one-on-one classes to challenge, excite, and build certainty.
  • Profit – We talk as much about bottom-lines, as we do about tan lines. Our classes are for those who are looking for strategic and effective ways to grow their business. With study in topics such as client consultation, service menus, retailing, social media, and making your mark in mobile tanning, attendees will be given proven ways to make a difference on their P&L.
  • Passion – Being a leader means Norvell has a responsibility to impart in attendees the values that will bring acclaim to the industry as a whole. At NU, students will gain the history of the sunless tanning and be privy to predictions for the bright future ahead.

At Norvell, sunless is a science, as well as an art. Sunless is our passion. Sunless is our life. And at Norvell University, you will learn what sunless is to you!

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